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Leather Specialties

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Pad Holder


Padded Diploma Cover

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Having products or merchandise that show off your brand’s logo and identity is an essential thing during a promotion or event. It is also crucial that the products you offer at your event are of good quality.
At Washington Promotional Group, we supply quality promotional products. We commit to exceptional service, ensuring you have all the promotional products you need for your upcoming event.

Let Us Help You With Your Promotional Merchandise Needs

Whether you need promotional products for your upcoming event or as part of your brand’s campaign merchandise, we have the product or service you need. Talk to our team at Washington Promotional Group to discuss your options.

Who We Are

Our factory is in Washington, Missouri, and we cater all across the Globe.
We make over 60% of our products in-house, and we source over 90% of our products in the US. Because of this, you can expect that we will finish your products on time.

Products We Offer

Here is a list of customized products we can offer for your brand’s campaign or promotional event: